Latpanchar – where to stay

LatpancharLatpanchar Cinchonest is nested under Cinchona Plantation and beside Mahananda Wild Life Sanctuary . Well furnished 3 nos. room , traditional home stay with wall to wall carpet, attached western toilets with geyser facilitieswelcomes you at Latpanchar

LatpancharMaximum person can be accommodated 10 (Ten).
If you are a Bird watcher and want to shoot the new species of birds through lance Latpanch Cinchonest will welcome Latpancharyou at Rufous –necked – hornbill nest.

Latpanchor is highest point in Mahananda Wild Life Sanctuary 4200 ft.
LatpancharLatpanchor is also popular for the bird lover and Jungle trekkers. Several short treks originated from Latpanchor .
LatpancharLATPANCH CINCHONEST -activities visit sunrise point 3 km , Namthing Lake one of the very few places left in the Himalayas that houses of Salamander a rear and endemic reptile of the region.
Type of food – organic and traditional both vegetarian and non-veg .

Any specific food you have to order in advance.
LatpancharTARIFF – Rs. 900/- per pax under plan AP (from Bed Tea to Dinner) organic food with traditional style both Veg and Non-vegetarian.

HOW TO BOOK : Call us at 9836955186, 9830947352, 9830788403


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