LatpancharLatpanchar  in Lepcha word is being derived from land of  Cane , vanishing  tribes  Lepcha’s old habitat.Latpanchar is one of the top hidden and unseen destinations in North Bengal Hills. Situated in the lower Darjeeling hills in Kurseong sub-division,Latpanchar is the highest point in Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary at 4200ft.

Latpanchar is known for its old quinine plantations and this place holds enormous wealth of natural forests. The beauty of Latpanchar hills mostly lies on its lush green virgin forests covering the undulating slopes of hills. These untouched forests are the natural home for many rare species of mountain goat (serow), wild boars, tigers, leopards, jungle cats, gaurs, and different kinds of deer, porcupines, civets, monitor lizards and snakes.

Another attraction of Latpanchar is the spacious forest bungalow in the middle of the wilds. The cozy wooden structure with large windows and balcony brings the outdoor wilderness right inside your bedroom. The more adventurous travelers can spend night in tents pitched around the bungalows. Wake up to the call of a wild fowl, or to the alarm cry of a deer.

Latpanchar is also popular for the bird lovers and jungle trekkers. Several short treks originate from here leading to some treacherous terrain through the deep forest covers. The most important trekking trail goes up to Gulma peak – an unexplored hilltop in the Sanctuary and other down to Sevok following a rather difficult stream through the virgin wilderness. From Latpanchor one can also trek to Namthing Lake, one of the very few places left in Himalayas that houses Salamander, a rear and endemic reptile of the region.

Latpanchar can be reached from Siliguri with a 2 hrs drive covering 48kms via Kalijhora on NH31 A.


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